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Being Better At Business is not just a motto, it’s the culture of Sigma Business Management, Inc.  Our vision, our goal and our company is built around making our small and medium business owners better at business.  The three primary things that make companies better at business are; better communications, better planning and better business knowledge.

Meeting Management Leads to Better Communication

A great meeting is about getting results in the form of decisions, problem solving, setting direction and determining actions. Sigma Business Management Facilitators get these results through professional facilitation techniques:

  • Solid Meeting Preparation – pre-meeting interviews, identifying meeting objectives, developing a meeting agenda that will meet the objectives, selection of the right facilities.
  • Meeting Facilitation Techniques – creating the right environment, sticking to the agenda, encouraging participation from all attendees, managing the “rabbit trails” and “long talkers”, making sure all participants understand the “technical details”
  • Meeting Follow-up – post-meeting interviews, meeting minutes that summarize key discussions, actions and decisions, action item follow-up, and a post meeting report with analysis and recommendations for next steps

A great facilitator is one who can understand the issues and meeting objectives in order to always keep the conversation moving in a productive direction.

Strategic, Business and Marketing Plans Lead to Better Business Management

It’s not the Plan, It’s the Process of Planning!  The planning process is critical to the growth of your small or medium business because it forces decisions, facing realities and evaluating direction.  Sigma Business Management facilitates the planning process with:

Defining the Business Model - knowing the business through research and interviews with ownership and key employees is a critical first step in the planning process.

Practical Planning – the planning process is built upon what is most important to the client – making your biggest obstacles the highest priority makes the resulting plan very practical and real.

Disciplined Follow-up – integration of planning decisions into daily operations, weekly meeting and performance evaluations are ways that the strategic vision is executed in the daily decisions.

Small and Medium businesses are very focused on the day-to-day operations, and can’t afford to keep someone on staff or pay a consultant to constantly check-up on their strategy.  Sigma Business Management specializes in helping you change the daily grind to accomplish the strategic vision, because achieving the vision has to happen every day!

Business Managment Education Makes You a Better Business Leader

Most small business owners start their business to practice the trade they love or to passionately sell their product.  Very few start their business to do more accounting, write marketing plans and manage their computer system and it certainly isn’t their expertise.  Sigma College of Small Business helps small business owners by teaching them business management skills and providing business management services to help them….

Be Better at Business!